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23 Amazing artworks made by 한석범(Han Seok-bum)


In the Manga chapter 803, page 8 we see Dragon giving direct orders to Koala to gather all the commanders of the Revolutionary Army.

And as a lot of other theories about Dragon would suggest, he’s an expert when it comes to Haki, and judging by the fact that he trained Sabo, I think it’s safe to say that he is indeed strong. Which brings me to Haki overall…

Even though we don’t have any direct evidence that Dragon possesses any Haki, we do have theories on him possessing Conqueror’s Haki, and to train a Haki based fighter (Sabo) one would have to have Armament Haki.

Which brings me to another point, most Haki users who posses the Conqueror’s Haki and Armament Haki already possess the Observation Haki, which has been proven to be a skill that can be trained.

Most higher ups in the One Piece universe possess a very strong Observation Haki so I think Dragon has a strong Observation Haki too.

As we all know the Revolutionaries don’t really have any ‘actual’ enemies except the World Government, so only people they should be worried about attacking them are the Navy and the Cipher Pols.

With that in mind, Dragon has stated that he’s going to gather his commanders in the coming future.

Anyway, from what we can see in Manga chapter 803, page 10 we can see the distance between the Jesus Burgess and the Revolutionaries base in Baltigo. It doesn’t seem far, so I’m guessing that Dragon could already detect Jesus Burgess at that distance.

With that in mind, we also have to look at the location where Blackbeard’s ship was when Jesus Burgess reported back over the Den Den Mushi. Blackbeard’s ship was in the New World which would suggest that is was on the whole other side of the Grand line, because Robin has apparently already visited and talked with Dragon during the timeskip.

And from what we know so far, every Straw Hat entered the New World together. Which would suggest that Blackbeard’s crew had to cross a big journey to meet up with Jesus Burgess at Baltigo.

Which would buy time for the Revolutionaries to stage the whole scenario and supposed battle. There’s even evidence that clearly states that Blackbeard Pirates clashed with the Cipher Pol, which means that Cipher Pol got notified of the Baltigo’s location and arrived there already.

With that said my theory is that Dragon instructed someone or even notified the World Government/Cipher Pols and leaked the information about Baltigo. Because Blackbeard couldn’t win anything from involving the Government in his battle with the Revolutionaries.
Because he was in search of the Mera Mera no Mi in the first place.

What also supports the theory that someone from the Revolutionaries contacted the Cipher Pol or leaked the information is the fact that they already have something big in plan, which is the reason why Dragon ordered the commanders to gather.

So an ideal situation for Dragon and the Revolutionary Army would be to keep the Cipher Pol/World Government busy while he and his army execute their plan. And what’s a good distraction/way of keeping them busy? That’s right, a fight with a Yonko’s crew which was almost perfectly placed.

My guess is that Dragon intentionally destroyed the base, before Blackbeard even arrived in order to penalize the information gathering that the Cipher Pol would surely do when they reach Baltigo. He maybe even planted some false information in there just to confuse the investigators.

Theory  by Lothar1399

Banana Phone :D

Very funny gag story 😀
The artist, Saruya Hachi (Hachimaru), has a really great knack for mimicking Oda’s style.

Tashigi and Kuina

1. Myth: They are twins!

Fact: Kuina is seen as a baby and as an only child in Chapter 0.

2. Myth: They are the same character.

Fact: So far they are only considered different characters and no evidence has been stated to say otherwise since Kuina’s body is seen in the manga. This is mainly due to how 4Kids changed her death to an injury, from which many fans assumed the injury Kuina sustained was connected to Tashigi’s bad eye sight. Tashigi was drawn as a child in an SBS, and her appearance was very different from Kuina’s, making it clear that she and Kuina are separate characters.

How Kid lost his arm during the timeskip?

Remember how Kid lost an arm during the timeskip?

Now we know that he entered Totland along with Urouge, Apoo, and Capone to attack Big Mom and failed.

Now from not too long ago when we saw the roulette that Jimbe and Zepo spun if you look carefully you can see life and limbs that could be taken.

I think Kid had to spend the roulette to what ever he had done to Big Mom and he spun the left arm and Big Mom cut off his left arm for messing with her. And that his how he lost the left arm and the reason he agreed with Killer on forming an alliance to take down Yonkos because he knows he can’t do it himself. Cause if he didn’t he is such a hot head he would just charge in like Luffy. Anyways that is all to the theory.

Thanks for reading, tell me what do you think?

*Theory by Onepiecefan9867

One Piece – Top 10 Unseen Fights/Clashes

One Piece Top 10 fights mentioned by Oda but never shown (Akainu vs Aokiji, Magellan vs Shiliew, Whitebeard Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates, Shiki vs Garp and Sengoku, Mihawk vs Shanks….). Do you agree?

What unseen but confirmed fight in One Piece do you want to see the most?