The Devil Fruit eaten by Monkey D. Dragon – Myth & Fact

Myth: It is obvious by the way he said “Wind Blast” back in Loguetown that Dragon has a wind Devil Fruit. Or maybe, Dragon ate a Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate the weather. Why do you think a lightning bolt saved Luffy from being killed by Buggy? And what about the rain, when Dragon arrives at Loguetown?

Fact: Dragon did not say “Wind blast” in the manga, it was added in the anime. The original manga does not give any indication that Dragon had any effect on the weather other than being around when the storm hit. We do not know his power, although it is always a possibility. The speculation was re-invigorated when a rather powerful and convenient wind blast created a path to the ocean and the Revolutionaries during the fire of Gray Terminal, with some fans speculating the two instances were foreshadowing, but again there is no proof that this is correct.


So, this theory is about how the Marco storyline will play out. Nekomamushi is heading towards Marco’s location. Unless he’s been captured, I don’t think he’s gonna be difficult to find. He’s probably sitting somewhere deep into WB’s past territory, half-heartedly trying to hold onto the whitebeard pirates’ former glory.

But more importantly, I don’t think Marco will be thrilled to join their cause.

I took a closer look at Marco’s picture, and gosh, he does not look cheerful.
Actually, he looks like a man who’s been through the last two years of Marco’s life… First, the loss of one of his best friends, and immediately afterwards, his leader and father figure. He was forced to take up the mantle of responsibility for a crapton of people who’re wounded, directionless, and just as sad as him following Ace and WB’s deaths. And last but not least, the first battle he gets into, a revenge-fight against Blackbeard, he loses miserably.

I think Marco has become a beaten, bitter man, and he never wants to fight again.
Inuarashi admits it’s a slim chance, and there’s no strawhat on the marco-retrieval squad, so that’s another point against Marco joining.

The interesting question is, what consequenses will this have? Well, what usually happens when the Achilles in his tent trope is played? Achilles refuses to fight, the heroes head into battle without him, loses, Achilles is convinced to fight after all, Achilles makes a badass entrance, wins, but a bunch of guys are dead…

So that’s the overall picture of what I think will happen.

Diving into the details…

We know that Weevil is looking for a fight with Marco. Even though Weevil is incredibly provoking, calling himself WB’s real son and sullying his name, I don’t think Marco cares at this point, and he’s probably postponing the fight with Weevil. I’m not saying Marco will ignore Weevil if he gets up in his face, but as long as it’s over newspaper and his subordinates, I think Marco will ignore it to simmer in his own misery.

The battle is going to be further postponed by Weevil being called to participate in the battle of Wano, tipping the battle into Kaido’s favor.
At this point, Marco might head into the battle willingly, or he’ll continue to sulk until one of the strawhats slaps him out of it.

The battle against Weevil will see the revival of Marco’s spirit, metaphorically. I think him and Weevil will have a heart to heart about fathers, and ultimately, Marco will offer Weevil to join his crew.

*Theory by Birdy

One Piece Clothing Swap :-)

Which Looks Better? ^ ^

Oda is a freaking Genius :o

In the picture above you can see Luffy mimicking the exact face he had when Ace died and in his hand, at the top of the deck is the “Ace of Spade” card and right on the other hand is death, represented by Brook.


The theme of Mariejois is like Olympus in Greek mythology because they are both located in high altitude place and has a gigantic palace which is built on top of the mountain. (Mariejois built on top of the Red Line.)Olympus is the home of divine family and ruling gods and Mariejois is the home of Celestial Dragons which we can say the divine family in OP and Gorosei the so called gods.

The pattern or theme of Mariejois is Olympus so we might see a character which is conceptualize and inspired by the king of gods in Olympia. Who’s the king of gods and ruler of Olympus?

In ancient Greece Zeus is the king of gods, god of sky and ruler of Olympus, he is the strongest god in Olympus and no one can oppose him nor fight him because of his great power.

A character inspired by Zeus is very possible because there are gods in One Piece and maybe that strongest god will be the final villain that Strawhats will going to face in the final war against Marines, World Government, Celestial Dragons and Gorosei in the Mariejois.

Remember what Oda said before that the Marineford war will gonna look like nothing in the final chapter that’s why he’s motivated to keep drawing One Piece and he likes his fans to stick with him til the end.

Luffy’s Grand Fleet and maybe other pirates or all pirates and Revos will join Strawhats in the huge war against World Government, Marines, Celestial Dragon and Gods in Mariejois, this is great to see as the last chapter of One Piece!Mariejois is the greatest place for the final war because remember the impact, excitement and insanity that we felt when Whitebeard Pirates attacked the based of marines in Marineford and started the summit war, what more if we see the Strawhats and his allied forces attack the Marines, World Government, Gorosei and Celestial Dragons in Mariejois and start the final great war. It will definitely give us more excitement, goose bumps and emotions because many pirates and marines will die in this war.

*Theory by Fire_Fist_Recca