So here we go.
I do think the Revolutionaries will appear on Whole Cake Island, leading to the fall of the Germa Kingdom as well as to the fall of Big Mom. And here is why:

Firstly, we know from the recent chapters that Baltigo was destroyed and the current status and whereabouts of the Revolutionaries are unknown. So nobody can tell where they are and what they do.

Secondly Dragon has stated that he intends to make his move soon and even called for his commandants. So that means he might want to make way for the Reverie and attack the capital.

That leads to the conclusion that they could have destroyed their base on purpose to make it seem as if they were gone, thus they could technically strike at any minute and launch a surprise attack.

And then we have the Germa Kingdom. A mobile, ocean-going kingdom with many weapons and highly advanced technology which literally has EVERYTHING they need for this surprise attack. It could serve as a mobile base, they could freely cross the Red Line and also go to the capital whenever they want.

And then there are the Vinsmoke Brothers. We know that they do not have feelings. And who could fix that? That is right, Emporio Ivankov. He has powers over hormons and hormons are the reason people have feelings. He might be able to grant them emotions. And, despite of their douchiness, they are not at fault for what has happened to them. But they committed many evil deeds, but I do not doubt they can be redeemed. And helping the Revolutionaries who help people, especially commoners, could be a perfect way to redeem those characters.
The Vinsmokes also have the right to participate in the Reverie which could be the entrance ticket for the Revos to get in(for example by hiding in the Germa ships).

Then there is Judge, a king that stands for oppression and everything Dragon despises. So it might be possible that we get a battle between those two in this Arc.
And there is Big Mom who is also a queen and an oppressor(again: Revo issue). She has to go down as well. But Luffy is too weakend and exhausted to fight her in his current state. He is on the verge of death at the moment. His Vivre Card must be burning by now. And who would be pissed seeing that? Sabo, of course. I highly doubt he would not come to Luffy’s aid. He would not let his little brother die. I can see Luffy eating the bento Sanji has made and gaining enough strength to have a last battle on Whole Cake Island. But I can see Sabo fighting Big Mom with Luffy. We know that Prometheus and Zeus will be a problem and I do not think Brook is able to take them down(I see him returning the lifespans to their rightful owners later on, but not doing much damage to Big Mom). But Luffy will not be affected by Zeus and Sabo not by Prometheus. So they could work together in order to take her out. Brook could copy the Poneglyphs in the meantime.

Then there is another reason why things could turn out that way: The fact that there are only twenty chapters of the Whole Cake Island Arc left(only two volumes) and that there will be a Reverie Arc after that. And on the cover of the Reverie Arc storyboard there was a Dragon which indicates we will be seeing him there. But we need some sort of bridge between those arcs and the Revo’s appearance on Whole Cake Island could serve as that.

What do you guys think?

*Theory by PaperFlower

Coby’s Future Role

Coby is one of the first characters to be introduced in One Piece. Coby’s main role in the series seems to be serving the role of Luffy’s counterpart. In a way, he is the same as Luffy but instead of being a Pirate, he is a Marine. Sometimes, Coby’s role in the series is seen as Garp’s role in Gol D. Roger’s era. Probably he will reform the marines as they are corrupt and barely do their jobs. He is one of the few marines shown (like Kuzan and Smoker) who sees this darkness behind the World Government and inevitably the Marines as well. Coby is a Marine who truly cares about the people, unlike some other people within the marines and the World Government itself. Coby understands how their methods and soldiers are ineffective, cruel and often barbaric.So what do you guys think? What will his role be?


Great chapter to start the new year!
We are finally able to delve more into the past of Sanji. It’s a good insight on why brothers and Sanji are different.Reiju is not emotionless like the three brothers, yet unable to go against her father’s inhuman orders. So she has had to live the burden of doing stuff that she cannot reconcile with.And Sanji ‘s mom… What a woman!!! She was trying to protect her children the entire time from Judge’s selfish ways, rebelling against his evil plans.She died to protect her children.

Now we know that Judge hates Sanji because he thinks Sanji is the reason why his wife died.Sanji knows now that the bracelet doesn’t work and he will know soon that Luffy is already out. There is no way Sanji will leave Reiju neither Luffy. Now he is going to make his decision.Oda keeps hyping up Big Mom’s breaking point full rage mode, so I can’t wait to see that!

One Piece Wanted – The Evolution Of Strawhats’ Bounties From 1997 to 2016


In one of the interviews, Oda said that the final arc of One Piece will be about a war so huge that will make Marineford war look like an unimportant filler!

Capone’s plan against Big Mom

Capone is planning something big against Big Mom and he wanted Pekoms to join forces with himWe know that Capone is shown to be a well mannered or you can say a plotting personality and he first came to the Whole Cake Island to defeat Big Mom as he saw the tables turned he became a part of the Big Mom’s crew . Now he might be waiting for his chance to strike back and in all this chaos he has the perfect chance and perfect fruit to attack and take down Big Mom.
Conditions And Capone’s Devil Fruit
If we consider that Capone is planning to take down Big Mom then we need to see these conditions which gave him a chance to overthrow a Yonko
1-Big Mom is planning to slaughter Vinsmokes so Germa 66 forces will respond
2- Straw Hats are running around causing chaos and breaking the ranks of Big Moms forces
3- Jinbe has asked Big Mom for permission to leave and as whole Island knows that he backed out at the last minute and Capone who might have been in a similar roulette position in the past can expect some troubles from Jinbe which will further facilitate his cause
4- Devil fruit: Lastly but not the least he has the Shiro Shiro no Mi devil fruit and he can store anything inside his body without other people knowing it. So he can get anything into Whole Cake Island without anybody knowing and we know that he has been going on missions for Big Mom outside Whole Cake Island and there can be anything in their that he can summon at a moments notice. He might even have Urouge The Mad Monk in their as he was last defeated in the Seducing Woods at Whole Cake Island but it is not like Oda to get a character killed that easily.
Risks involved in taking on a Yonko:
We know that Yonko are the strongest pirates in One Piece and the risks involved in going up against them are pretty high as Pekoms told CaponeSo i think that from here on out we might see more deaths/injuries to people other than Strawhat crew and we have already seen the first death of Sir Moscato(Big Mom’s Son) who was KILLED by Big Mom during her fit of rage.
*Theory by 99cent Hitman