This is X Drake as a child. Notice how happy he is about the marines



This is X Drake after MF. Notice how Oda puts emphasis on “Must Change”. Drake says the marines must change as if he wants to change it.

There are 2 ways to change the marines

1) From the inside
2)Revolting from the outside

Being a pirate is no way to successully change the marines. Look at Kuma for example he became a pirate to join the warlords and help the Revolutionary Army not just for the sake of being a pirate

Sir Francis Drake


This guy’s nickname was ” The Dragon” he is the inspiration for Drake

His Epithet Red Flag Drake


Revolutionary Army Flag




By his reaction to the pacifists its seems he had interaction with Vegapunk when the Pacifista program started



X Drake was on an island where a revolutionary leader was. Coincidence maybe? But with Oda you never know..

Alot of people would shoot this theory down and just think Drake is a Zoan and was on Kaido’s island looking for him. So he must be working for Kaido right? Well I agree but my point isn’t that he is not working for Kaido it’s “WHY?”

In Dragon words he has revoutionaries scatted all across the globe. The Revolutionaries seem to be infiltrating spies in key places in the world and building an information network

Kuma: Warlord
Ivankov: Impel Down


What if Dragon is infaltrating Emperors as well?

Think of it as a chess board. We know Yonkos greatly affect how the World Government moves. If does something it causes a reaction from the WG. So what if Dragon has with the Yonko ranks so he can know the Yonko moves and if he knows the Yonko moves he can predict the WG moves more easily and look for his openings to strike.

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*Theory by luckyroo20

Portgas D. Ace Spin-Off Announced!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘One Piece’, Shonen Jump seems to have big plans in hand, including a magazine focused on the backstory and journey of the previous owner of the Mera Mera no Mi, Portgas D. Ace.Ace’s death is one of the saddest moments in the whole anime series. He died protecting his brother Luffy, he couldn’t stop Akainu’s magma, so his only choice was to stop the attack with his own body. His death really was so terrible and quite unexpected.

Although nothing has been revealed about the history of this spin-off, many fans are excited to see the return of the King of Pirates Gol D. Roger’s son.
So what do you think about this project?


So here are some of the things to watch out for in the rest of the arc:

  • The Pre-Tea Party Meeting:


Now that nothing is holding Sanji back from returning to the crew, it seems like it’s finally all back to normal. With Sanji back, we know Luffy is gonna eat again, which will get him ready for the fights to come.
Chopper and Carrot are almost out of the mirror world. All they have to do is find Sanji or someone, and they’ll be back.
Brook is probably gonna escape or something; he definitely can’t take on Big Mom alone.
Pedro will also escape with him, unless he ends up dying, which would be unfortunate.
And of course, Luffy, Nami, and Jimbei will find Sanji, and Reiju.
Everyone will have met again, and now that everyone knows Big Mom and Pudding’s true plans, they’ll be ready to formulate a plan for the wedding, which takes me to the next point.

  • Jimbei knows about the Tamatebakko

Jimbei is one of the most important people in Fishman Island, and he works under Big Mom. We should already be sure that the Neptune has already warned him that the Tamatebakko in Big Mom’s hands is actually a bomb. If he hasn’t, the guy would be crazy, considering they’re messing with a Yonko.

  • It’s going down at the tea party

Pudding is gonna kill Sanji.
Pudding is gonna kill all the Vinsmokes.
Pudding is gonna cause a Nazi massacre on every Strawhat… We already know that.
But… Do Pudding and Big Mom know that the Tamatebakko is a bomb? That everyone knows what they’re trying to pull off?
Now, Sanji could easily stop Pudding from killing him, and Reiju can warn her brothers and father. What could this mean? All hell is gonna break loose, and here’s how…

  • Pudding is a Yonko Commander, Pudding vs. Luffy

Now, a lot of people are already seeing this coming but it’s almost inevitable. She’s the only possibility at this point. No one is big enough to be revealed as the third commander, she’s got a devil fruit, and she’s one of Big Mom’s favorite daughters.
It’s also a bit too late to be revealing new characters now, so basically I don’t see another possibility. Watch Rogerbases’s video on YouTube if you’re not convinced, I’m already sure of it.
Now, let’s move on to this

LOOK AT LUFFY’S FACE! He’s pissed. Pudding was about to kill his Namaka, then him, even when he trusted her and thought of her as a friend. Pudding being the third commander fits this fight perfectly. Luffy’s already beat one commander, why not having him fight Pudding next? Sanji would have been a better choice, but we know he can’t hit women. Nami vs Pudding would be cool, but we all know Nami isn’t half as strong. Plus, Nami probably has a role controlling Big Mom’s weather powers.

  • Big Mom opening the Tamatebakko

This could be all part of the plan thought up before the Tea Party, that Big Mom would open the box, and it will explode, killing a bunch of her weaker underlings. That would be useful, also enraging Big Mom, and causing a surprise to the wedding.
This would definitely stop Pudding from trying to complete her plans, and the battle would break loose during that time for sure…Of course, Big Mom would rage, which leads us to…

  • Capone’s Plan

First off, I’ve gotta say, Capone is a freaking genius, I’ve got to give the guy credit. He might not be as strong as strong as the rest of the supernovas (I’m not really a fan of his devil fruit), but he’s unbelievably smart. I remember this scene in the Zou arc, when he was trying to capture Caesar, and

I thought Capone was so smart doing this, and we all know that he’s planning on taking down Big Mom, every Supernova is after a Yonko.
The guy infiltrated Big Mom’s family, he’s literally got a kid with one of her daughters
So let’s say he can’t beat Big Mom through fighting, but he knows her weakness:
Sweets and Kariouseki. If he does that, even he could have a chance. That would be crazy.

  • Pekoms is Not Dead

I’m almost sure of this theory. Pekoms can’t be dead, he’s an important character, he’s the reason Pedro isn’t dead…I know his partner Tamago is probably dead (HE WAS CUT IN HALF), but Pekoms can’t be dead, and I refuse to believe Oda would kill him so anti-climatically.
Even if the guy fell in water, being a fruit user, I’m sure he was saved. I can’t be the only one who thinks so.
So, if Pekoms is alive, I believe he will be the one to stop Capone. He will reveal his secret to Big Mom, and we’re probably gonna see Pekoms vs Capone. This sounds like a good fight considering they have almost the same power level, and that Pekoms holds a grudge towards Capone, because he shot him a bunch of times.

  • Luffy can’t beat Big Mom alone

Let’s set this straight:
Big Mom is a Yonko
Luffy is a supernova
Big Mom has a bounty of at least a billion
Luffy has a bounty of 500 million
Luffy barely beat Cracker
Big Mom is twice as strong as Cracker

Luffy cannot beat Big Mom yet…but he can get help.
At the start of WCI, Luffy was poisoned by eating a fish. This seemed like something totally irrelevant, but it did mean something.
Oda was trying to show us this:
Sanji’s siblings are superhuman, and even immune to poison. This was used as an introduction, to the Vinsmokes, and to Reiju herself as a friend to the StrawHats.
Now, people would say that the rest of the the Vinsmokes are villains and that they should die.
But no… the three other Vinsmokes, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, weren’t the real villains of the Germa 66. The real one would be Judge himself. He’s the one who modified his own children into emotionless jerks, and weapons of war, which basically stripped them from their freedom of living because of their obedience to their father.

Imagine this: Reiju warns her brothers about Pudding’s plans to kill the Vinsmokes.
They’ll be forced to cooperate with her and Sanji. Sanji has yet to prove himself in front of his brothers, and now’s his chance. It would be a shame if Oda left the three Vinsmoke brothers thinking that he’s inferior to them.
She can also convince them that their father is their enemy, for the above reasons.
The three would then turn on their own father, probably killing him, or having him get killed by Pudding as a part of the plan (SERVES HIM RIGHT FOR HURTING SANJI-KUN).

Finally, as I was saying, Luffy can never beat Big Mom, that’s for sure.
But what if he had by his side, 4 superhuman war machines in the Vinsmokes by his side?
They could at least weaken her enough to make a safe escape with Sanji.
This would make an alliance between the SH pirates and Germa 66 post-Judge.

  • The End of the Arc

First, I don’t think Big Mom will be taken down, because if she is, no one but Luffy could become a Yonko, and Luffy isn’t ready to become a Yonko with a bounty of 500 million, an alliance with Law, and a freaking beast to beat in the next arc.
But what I’m sure of is that something huge is going to happen, whatever it is.
I’m sure of that because the next arc is The Reverie, and we’re gonna need a big topic to be discussed there, like Jimbei joining the crew, Germa 66-StrawHat alliance, or even Big Mom-StrawHat pirate alliance.
Pudding and Judge are definitely gonna get what’s coming to them.

They’re then going to get the poneglyphs, and sail back to Zou, maybe to drop Pedro and Carrot, and we might find out something about Marco or Zunisha too.

And so ends my theory and prediction concerning Whole Cake Island.
This was tiring as hell, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did.

*Theory by Doffy Mingo

How Could Luffy Defeat Him?

In one of the interviews, Oda said that he doesn’ t know how Luffy should win because Kaido is incredibly powerful: “When Kaidou appeared for the first time, I said that Luffy can’t defeat such a strong character yet. And I’m yet to know how Luffy would defeat Kaidou. Probably my audience will not be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaidou is just because Luffy’s punch is so strong. Luffy and I have to find a solution somehow.”


This theory is based on cursed swords and their origins


Kitetsu is a swordsmith who crafted the Kitetsu sword series

Kitestsu was inspired by Muramasa Sengo a famous swordsmith who founded the Muramasa school and lived during the Muromachi period (14th to 16th centuries) in Japan.​

The “Muramasa” is very notorious as cursed swords.
According to legend, prayed that his swords would be “great destroyers.” Because of the exceptional quality of his blades, the gods granted his request and imbued them with a bloodthirsty spirit that—if not sated with battle—would drive the wielder to murder or suicide.

  • The “Muramasa” sword always has a thirst for blood.
  • When somebody holds the hilt of the drawn-out blade of “Muramasa”, it takes over the person’s mind.
    Then, the person starts to kill other people with “Muramasa”.
    The only way to stop the person is to kill him / her.
  • Anybody can become the “host” of the sword unintentionally like picking up the sword from the ground just after the previous host was killed, or unconsciously by being mesmerised by the sword to hold it.

When Zoro picked up Sandai Kitetsu he could instantly feel that its cursed


Almost everybody who used kitetsu series of swords has died due to its curse



Durandal is one of the Meito. It is currently owned by Cavendish.

its direct inspiration from French sword Durandal, sword of the paladin Roland

Although little is known about the historical Roland, he is a prominent figure in medieval European tales. In a number of legends, Roland is said to be the nephew of the famous Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne. Roland is also considered to be the greatest of the Twelve Peers, the best warriors of the emperor’s court. The best-known legend regarding Roland is probably that of his last stand at the Battle of Roncevaux, an actual historical battle that was later romanticised into a major battle between Christians and Muslims.
The story of Roland’s last stand at the Battle of Roncevaux is most notably recounted in the epic poem La Chanson de Roland (‘The Song of Roland’). In the epic, Durandal was said to have been given to Charlemagne by an angel of God, who instructed the emperor to give the sword to one of his counts. In contrast, the Italian epic Orlando Furioso (‘Orlando Enraged’) by Lodovico Ariosto, notes instead that Durandal was once the sword of the Trojan hero Hector, and was given to Roland by the enchanter Malagigi. Regardless of its origins, Durandal was a valuable and powerful sword. In fact, in Orlando Furioso , the primary objective of invasion of France by Gradasso, the heathen king of Sericena, is said to be the retrieval of Durandal from Roland.
  • Durandal was once the sword of the Trojan hero Hector, and was given to Roland by the enchanter Malagigi.
  • Regardless of its origins, Durandal was a valuable and powerful sword.
  • Durandal is also depicted as an indestructible weapon.
  • When all was lost, Roland attempted to destroy Durandal in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy ,
  • As Roland failed to destroy Durandal, he decided to hide it beneath his body before he died.

Cavendish’s Duranal also seems to have same properties as it is considered as a meito,and the sword was strong enough to hold back Chinjao’s headbutt attack (although it did slightly bend)




Kikoku is the name of Trafalgar Law’s sword. It is a cursed sword, and it is not a ranked blade.

Now this is reference from Norse mythology,

Tyrfing was a magic sword in Norse mythology,

Svafrlami was the king of Gardariki, and Odin‘s grandson. He managed to trap the dwarves Dvalinn and Durin when they had left the rock where they dwelt. Then he forced them to forge a sword with a golden hilt that would never miss a stroke, would never rust and would cut through stone and iron as easily as through clothes.

The dwarves made the sword, and it shone and gleamed like fire. However, in revenge they cursed it so that it would kill a man every time it was drawn and that it would be the cause of three great evils. They finally cursed it so that it would also kill Svafrlami himself.

Although its a cursed sword Law’s Kikoku as yet to manifest itself in anyway


Now all this swords were cursed by there original masters or creators

If you remember Shichiseiken from One Piece movie The Cursed Holy Sword


The Shichiseiken was a sword created from the bloodshed of three warring princes who tried to win the heart of a maiden, thus absorbing all the negative energy around it. The maiden sacrificed her life to stop the warring kingdom and, in their sorrow, the princes sealed the sword away.

Although not part of main story line its concept is very similar to cursed swords of One Piece

Now we have seen such kind intersection previously as Ryuma from monsters returned in Thriller Bark

I believe Kitetsu series of sword was created same in fashion as in legend of Muramasa imbued with negative energy hence they are so bloodthirsty
and no one can control them

If u have read monsters u might know the concept of warrior soul which Ryuma carried and Zoro has it too
as there lot of parallelism between Ryuma and Zoro

Thats the reason Zoro doesn’t become like Cavendish who is unable to control Hakuba the spirit of Durandal
its also one of the reason why Sandai Kitetsu chose Zoro

[​IMG] [​IMG]

As it says the sword choose its owner, hence Zoro doesn’t go on a rampage spree like Hakuba

now Cavendish condition is very similar saga from movie cursed holy sword, Hakuba awakens when Cavendish falls asleep and grants him incredible speed, to the point that he moves too fast for the eyes to track; even with Haki he can barely be seen. Due to this, back in the Rommel Kingdom, everyone believed it was the wind that was slashing people. As such, the phenomenon became known as the “Kamaitachi of Rommel” ( “Sickle Weasel of Rommel”)


now Hakuba is very good example as described in legends of Muramasa that spirit takes over the body
and is described as blood thirsty
Cavendish slashed 20 people in Colosseum as soon as Hakuba awakened, similarly he tried to Barto and Robin in Dressrosa which later hardly suppressed by Cavendish

Conclusion: cursed swords carry negative energy or spirit left there by the swordsmith or the original wielder of swords

*Theory by D kar

Which version of Sanji do you prefer? :-)