What’s gonna happen now?

*chapter 854 Spoilers

We finally have most of the crew back together, with Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Pedro, and Jinbei all safe in the Mirror World recovering, thinking up a plan and trying to find Sanji, Luffy and Brook.

Damn, Big Mom is a complete savage! The way she talks about killing Sanji and the rest of the Vinsmokes is just down right brutal, it looks like she is going to enjoy the slaughter while she eating her cake and drinking some tea during the wedding.

Also it seems like Pudding and Big Mom are being totally honest with each other, so I think it’s pretty clear Pudding really isn’t planning anything (but who knows, maybe she is acting here to please Big Mom and prevent her from knowing what she is really planning…)

Last but not least Sanji is finally came to his senses. The scene where Sanji refuses to let Bobbin touch his nakama’s favourite food was amazing! Glad to see he’s finally got his motivation back! 😮 He is finally going to meet Luffy, i hope he feeds Luffy and come up with a decent plan for ruining the wedding.

Super excited for the next chapter!!! 😀


In this theory I’ll talk about a man that probably discovered Raftel or went quite close to it and that with his adventures inspired many one of them the only known Pirate King Gol D. Roger. This man is MontBlanc Noland.


Noland lived 400 years ago in the One Piece Timeline and was an admiral of the Lvneel Kingdom. He made multiple expedition in the Grand Line and even explored the New World. For that time coming back just form one expedition from the Grand Line unscratched physically or mentally was impossible. Yet this man went multiple times and come back with all his crew. Noland was insanely strong, he was able to single-handedly kill a Sea King underwater.

He was even able to kill Kashigami, which was the same size of his grandchild Nola, with a single slash of his sword. Something that Zoro and Wiper together couldn’t mange to do with Nola.

Hell he even manged to remain conscious and alive and even move a landmass which trapped him in a fissure with one hand.

So he was strong, his strength could be enough in the current time to put him on a suitable Pirate King pretend like the Supernovas are or maybe even a Yonko why not :D.

So why “first Pirate King”?

You see this is the crazy part in this theory aahah for one to be declared Pirate King he must arrive on Raftel. Before Roger, this island was a legend and it’s still in the current time. I believe that Noland might arrived on Raftel or very near to it, it’s known that when he came back from his journeys he usually talked about his crazy adventures.

But after he failed to reach Jaya for the second time with his king he was sentence to death and his legacy all his adventures where considered a lie because the king said so. In the story about Noland the king was portrayed as valorous warrior and Noland as a hopeless fool.

So if he ever said something about Raftel people would think at it as a stupid old legend, even after Roger found it many still believe it’s a legend.
This could be crazy but we found out that that Noland arrived on Dressrosa and fought the evil people that where after the tontattas.

Where ever an evil “god” or evil was, Noland had arrived on that island before and left his mark. When Luffy arrived at Skypea we had God Enel, in Noland times there was Kashigami, he and Luffy defeated them. On Dressrosa we had Doffy that had captured the tontattas, Noland 400 years ago fought people with the same intentions. So I believe he left his mark on Raftel as well where Luffy would have to fight BlackBeard. I can not understand otherwise why would Oda show us Noland again on Dressrosa where there was a similar plot to that on Skypiea.

He inspired Roger

I know this is crazy too aahah:unsure: but his story is very similar to that of Francisco de Orellana a spanish conquistador that claimed that he had found El Dorado the city of gold. Many thought at it as a stupid lie, but there where others that believed in it and went after it and many are still searching for it today. So I believe that there where people that went on searching in One Piece as well. Further more Noland’s family name is MontBlanc, you see Mont Blanc is considered to be the one that made modern Alpinism or mountain climbing. So Noland’s inspiration(Francisco de Orellana) and family name gave birth to new adventures and because of this I believe his story and adventures made many set sail, because they had nothing to lose.
Imagine a child reading Noland’s story he would be intrigued by it and I believe Roger was inspired as well he was a child. I believe I have the proof I showed you an imagine at the beginning, this one:

Could you see the kid with the straw hat? I believe the boy in the image is a hint to that, but it isn’t Roger because the boy in the image is form 400 years ago, so he might be a previous possessor of the Straw Hat. So if Noland ever talked about Raftel or just his adventures ignited a little sparkle in child Roger that would want to explore as well the sea.

*Theory by MasterD

Badass Shanks :o

Relationship between Shanks and Mihawk

In the past, Shanks and Mihawk sought out each other on many occasions to duel. Their battles were said to echo through the whole Grand Line. However, Mihawk has given up on trying to fight Shanks after he lost an arm.

Mihawk retains a neutral, though somewhat friendly relationship with Shanks, and is able to track him down if the need arises. He and Shanks do manage to get along, regardless of their opposite personalities. When Shanks made his entrance during the Whitebeard War, Mihawk left the battlefield while stating that he agreed to participate in the war against Whitebeard, but fighting “Red-Hair” is beyond the scope of the World Government’s orders.

Kaido’s Devil Fruit & Inspirations

There are a lot of theories about Kaido based off of the small bits of information Oda’s given us over the last few years. My theory is that Kaido’s Devil Fruit is a Dragon Zoan and that Oda drew inspiration from both Eastern Dragons and, specifically for this thread, the Dragon in Revelation, also known as Satan.

First, let’s establish that there is a high probability that Kaido ate the Dragon Devil Fruit.

1. According to Law, Kaido is the “Strongest Living Creature.” In both Western and Eastern Mythologies, dragons are considered to be one of the fiercest and dangerous creatures any hero or protagonist can encounter. In Beowulf, the dragon is the final and strongest enemy Beowulf must face and eventually mortal wounds him. In later Medieval works, a young Knight must always slay a dragon to rescue the princess. Even in eastern mythology, where dragons are not necessarily evil, a warrior foolish enough to challenge a dragon is usually met with an early death.

2. Kaido seems have a high resistance to damage. In our introduction to Kaido we are told that every time he was sentenced to death, the ropes snapped, the blades shattered, and the spears broke, and when we first see him he is plummeting from a sky island down to solid land. While hanging from a rope doesn’t cause direct blunt damage, sharp blades and spears do. It could be that Kaido dragon scales protect him from damage. Another issue people bring up is that if he is a devil fruit user, why doesn’t he try to kill himself in the ocean. According to many myths, dragons are able to breathe under water. It may be that when he tried to drown himself, he was just paralyzed but able to breathe the water just like Jack was.

3. Kaido is known as the King of Beasts. In Chinese Mythology, Dragons are regarded as the rulers of the animal world.

4. Kaido has characteristics of a Dragon. When we see him for the first time in Chapter 895. He has a mustache similar to that of a Chinese Dragon and either scales or a tattoo that looks like scales. The anime confirms that these scales/tattoos are red.

So given that Kaido has a high probability of being a Dragon Zoan, it makes sense that Oda would pull from a variety of sources from around the world as inspiration for the character that has the Dragon Devil Fruit. One of the biggest sources of European Dragon mythology is the bible which describes Satan as a Dragon. There are many other hints that Oda provides us to clue us in that Kaido is based on Satan.

1. Kaido means “100 Beasts” in Japanese. Kaidou means “church” in Japanese. Oda often uses puns and plays-on-words. It makes sense he would try to make use of this.

2. Revelation 12:9 (KJV): “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”
and Luke 10:18 (KJV): “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” Tell us that the devil, as a dragon, was cast out of Heaven. When we first see Kaido, he is on a Sky Island. Sky Islands were established to be based on Heaven in the Skypeia Arc. He then jumps off and falls to the earth.

3. Kaido has given 500 artificial devil fruits to his crew and seems to have more to do with devil fruits than anybody else in One Piece. This is similar to Satan convince Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

4. Speaking of Kaido’s crew, all the gifters have black horns. In popular culture, the devils followers, demons/devils, have horns.

5. Kaido’s crew seems to like crucifixion… a lot. When Jack invaded Zou, he crucified many of its inhabitants, including Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

6. Kaido’s crew is called the “Beast Pirates.” This in part is due to the animal theme of his crew but also could be a reference to the antichrist aka. The Beast.

7. Kaido is allied with his own antichrist, the Shogun of Wano. Who rules over Wano as its sole leader as opposed to the Daimyos, like Momonosuke’s father, ruling over their respective territories in a feudal system. According to the bible, the Antichrist will unite all the nations under his rule. It’s also possible that Kaido helped the Shogun rise to power, the same way the Devil gives the Antichrist the power to rule.

8. Kaido’s top commanders are called the calamities. In Job, we see that Satan has power over natural disasters and in Revelation we see the Antichrist’s reign accompanied by several natural disasters/Calamities.

Given the clues presented above. It’s very clear to me that Kaido is a Dragon mythical Zoan and that Oda drew inspiration from the Biblical Devil when designing his character.

*Theory by natethegreat1993

How Nami design changed

It’s no secret that over the course of the series, Nami’s chest gets larger. Some people don’t get why this aspect was necessary; after all, we all appreciate Nami as a savvy, intelligent masterful navigator with a deep backstory.So, do you prefer the pre-timeskip design or the post-timeskip design?