Luffy’s Next Gears :D

Anybody ever wondered what Straw Hats smell like?

In an SBS question, a fan asked Oda that since Chopper had such an amazing blue nose that allows him to identify his fellow crewmates, what do they all smell like. When this question was first asked, the Straw Hats only had 6 members. At a later SBS, Oda provided the other smells for the remaining crew members. All but Chopper’s smell were identified as Chopper cannot tell what he himself smells like.

  • MONKEY D. LUFFY Smells like Meat
  • RORONOA ZORO Smells like Steel
  • NAMI Smells like Mikan and Money
  • USOPP Smells like Gunpowder
  • SANJ Smells like Cigarettes and Seafood
  • NICO ROBIN Smells like Flowers
  • FRANKY Smells like Cola
  • BROOK Smells like Tea


Just one of those times when everything seems predictable but it actually isn’t. I am talking about Whole Cake Island here of course.;)

Just one of those times when everything seems fine but it actually isn’t. I am talking about Vinsmokes here of course.:p

Other than Reiju, and Sanji, the others aren’t aware of what’s going on. And hopefully they won’t know at least until the wedding starts.

BROOKSmoothie and Big Mom will definitely be able to beat Brook no matter how strong of a plot armor he has. Because those two will have haki and so it would only take a bit more effort for them to clean him up unless nobody else interferes.Brook cannot beat Big Mom or even escape from her. But given how strangely similar both Big Mom and Brook powers are… It’s possible that Brook will have some advantage, but Big Mom will still route him nonetheless.

I am not undermining Brook in anyway at all. If you read the below thoughts, you will know for yourself.

That means Brook will be caught and be possibly put in the world of books more so than Chopper getting in there. Even if he wasn’t then he will still play a huge role.


Firstly let’s say for now, that he’s put in that world of books and if he’s in there, then he may still be able to come out of his body and even possibly come out of the jail and roam around. That may give him crazy advantage, to know what’s going on all around.

Now the other imporant thing is the past of Brook. If his death had anything to do with Vinsmokes or something like that…

Because Brook is still hiding of his knowledge about Vinsmokes and I don’t see any better time than this and it would be another plot twist if we see an episode of his past.

Why would it be a plot twist?

Because whatever that Brook does may possibly change the plot drastically from Big Mom side.

Will he be the one to free the people and animals from the world of books, and in doing so also helps both Luffy and Nami come out unknowingly ?!

Or will he meet Sanji before Chopper does ? Though I feel this is unlikely, but is still possible.

Wherever he was imprisoned and put in, it doesn’t matter to Brook because he can come out and he has… Control on Homies !!!

​Big Mom’s vivre card was more than enough to scare off all the homies. And that vivre card had nothing but a tiny soul energy of Big Mom.

So when Brook escapes from the world of books or anywhere else whereever he may have been imprisoned at… There will be homies all around him. And I am sure that Brook can control homies.

Because if you remember the time when Brook and Pedro got into one of seemingly cracker’s shields… which was also a homie…

[​IMG]How was that possible ??

It’s most likely because of Brook’s ability in either ordering or controlling that homie. He did say that he’s far stronger than the souls that occupy the bodies of not their own.

So if he can control homies, then he can surely unlock the world of books by opening all the bookmarks using a homie.


It all makes perfect sense and would also hype Brook that his character so desperately needs.

Overall, I think whatever that Brook may do, he will be of a huge help to both Luffy and Sanji, helping them from their predicaments.

One of the other main and convincing reasons is that if Brook gets captured before copying the poneglyph details, then Pedro will have to do that. And it will be a huge bonus feet for Pedro given how Oda is hyping him up as well.He’s the poneglyph thief remember….

Him stealing the details in the end after all that past with Big Mom would make ton of sense… at least to me. Of course Pedro will take care of Tamago and then somehow steal the details. He’s the jaguar mink after all…

So what do you guys think?

Will Brook who knows about Vinsmokes more so than many, be the one to do the most important job in Whole Cake Island?

*Theory by vamsi

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Formed from various powerful crews who managed to succeed in the New World, and the representatives and some other members have been prime contestants of the Corrida Colosseum, the crew is very powerful indeed. In sheer numbers, they have a grand total of 5640 people from various tribes and races, being quite versatile in strength and other attributes. Five of the seven leaders were powerful enough to defeat executives of the Donquixote Pirates.The Grand Fleet has the second highest total bounty of any currently known pirate group, behind the Straw Hat Pirates.

Putting the combined known bounties of all of the “Straw Hats” together (both main crew and Grand Fleet) comes to a known total of Beli 2,800,000,100 which far surpasses the bounty of any other known crew.

The Four Emperors

The Yonko are the four most notorious and most powerful pirate captains in the world. Who’s the strongest one in your opinion?


In a world full of powers the strongest man had noneSo through the story of One Piece we have met several members of the Roger Pirates. Not one that we know of has eaten a devil fruit save for Buggy and that was on accident. Members of the crew were calling him crazy when he pretended to eat one. So that begs the question did any of them have devil fruits? More importantly did Roger have one?
[​IMG]Now honestly I do hope Roger had a devilfruit power because I’m hoping it was something as awesome & powerful as Whitebeard’s fruit. But if he didn’t that just adds to his legend and makes him more badass. To be able to beat Whitebeard’s ass in his prime with no DF power that’d be crazy.
[​IMG]On top of the Whitebeard situation you have Garp his greatest marine rival who also has no DF power. So that’d mean these 2 were just have slug fests shaking the Grandline.
[​IMG]Now of the crew members we’ve met Shanks, Rayleigh, Crocus, Duke and Nekomamushi none have DFs Buggy does but it was eaten accidentally. Shanks being Rogers apprentice and for all intensive purposes his successor. It would seem fitting for him to follow his captains footsteps.
[​IMG]Also one big glaring piece of evidence he may not have had one is his execution. During his execution the shackles he wore did not appear to be seaprism stone. They were actually wooden and though they had a chain seaprism stone cuffs haven’t been shown to look like those in any other instance. Now I know Roger turned himself in but even still the WG would never be so careless with the King of the Pirates.
[​IMG]Back to Shanks for a moment though we’ve seen him cause physical damage to objects with his Conquerors Haki alone. With him and Rayleigh and Roger well being Roger its safe to assume he had Conquerors Haki. I’d go as far to say his was most likely stronger than Shanks so with that type of power a DF really isn’t needed. Lastly eating a devilfruit takes away part of your freedom though a small part its still taken. Your freedom to swim small but truly important for a pirate or any man of the sea tho the power is a great trade off. Roger like Luffy and Shanks cherishes freedom more than anything else in this world.

*Theory by Pirat3hunter