It’s just something i noticed.  Look at these 2 pictures and tell me they don’t look similar, even the pattern on the clothes are the same if you look closely.

What do you guys think?

*by Zypher

Except Luffy :)

Oda drew Donquixote Family members in their childhood age

D: I have a request for you Oddachi. Please draw the Donquixote Family members in their childhood age!!

P.N. The Invincible Gomu Gomu

O: Yes, it’s fine. But i won’t draw those characters who already appeared in their childhood age.

How Usopp becomes the strongest sniper

We all know that Usopp’s dream is to become a true brave warrior of the sea. Later on, he was so inspired by giants, he wanted to reach Elbaf and be just like the warrior giants.
Although Usopp is a lot more adept, brave, and physically stronger post-timeskip; he still has a long way to go before he can realize his dream. He only just awakened Observation Haki, so he is taking his first step into being a brave warrior of the sea. ***I only consider the awakening of his haki the first step towards his goal because he was soooo behind in the beginning, and the scene when he awakened his haki showed a completely new mindset. Usopp went from thinking like a coward to being true dependable man and friend.

Even though becoming the greatest sniper is not Usopp’s dream directly, I feel that it is implicit. Additionally, why would the Pirate King’s crew not have the greatest sniper, when he has the greatest swordsman/cook/doctor/shipwright/navigator/archaelogist/musician?

Now back to the theory:

  • I was first fascinated by Usopp’s bounty name, “Sogeking” and in translations I’ve seen “God Usopp” (correct me if I’m wrong).
  • Then I wondered why he does not use a gun, and sticks with a “childish” weapon like a slingshot.
  • Then I recognized Usopp’s connection with giants
  • The reference to “god”, the childish weapon, the connection with giants, all got me thinking about David and Goliath. Both David and Usopp are described as scrawny, small, weak, etc. Additionally they both use a slingshot. However, David was considered very brave (especially the David vs Goliath story) and David killed Goliath, a giant, with a single shot. It is said in the Bible that David was able to do this through the strength of God. Usopp seems to be the strongest when he takes on his “sogeking” persona.
  • I believe that Usopp, like David, will soon have the power to defeat a giant with one shot. We already know he is very accurate and adept with his slingshot, however, he lacks power. Now how will Usopp obtain this power? Well the easiest answer is haki, but I believe that is just basics. I think that Usopp will somehow utilize Chopper/Caesar’s gigantification process, with his weapons. I’ve seen many theories about Caesar’s gigantification being perfected with Chopper’s rumble balls, and how Caesar may help Chopper perfect his rumble balls. Well I feel like Usopp will actually use the perfected gigantification to enhance his slingshot or his special bullets. Additionally this is possible because his slingshot and special bullets are “alive” in a way because they are plants, and we see him “feed” his weapon/bullets sometimes. With this, Caesar will join the crew in spirit, Usopp will achieve his dream, and will become God Usopp, king of snipers.

*Theory by Mugiwara-ya

Robin :-)

Any thoughts?

What if the 3 skulls in Blackbeard’s jolly roger show the three different personalities of Marshall D. Teach?




What do you guys think?