Straw Hats’ Autographs

Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Franky all have their own autographs, which they gave to Bartolomeo on his request.

Luffy’s autograph, which says “Me”.

Zoro’s autograph, which says “Sword”.

Usopp’s autograph, which says “To Bartolomeo” and his name.

Robin’s autograph, which says her name.

Franky’s autograph, which says “To my brother” and his name.

Lol :D

MOIST CIGARETTE – Chapter 851 Review

Damn feels again… That was an intense chapter where a lot of great things happened.

What an interesting fruit does Pudding have. She ate the Memo Memo no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to extract memories in the form of film strips and manipulate them. She can cut away frames to remove memories and paste on new frames to add new memories, which can take the place of the removed memories. I think this chapter practically killed the theories that she was secretly good and planning on helping Sanji.

It also looks like Sanji felt something real for Pudding after all… Oda has never drawn him with that devastated expression before after all.What if Pudding used Memo Memo no Mi on Sanji since there have been so many moments where he seemed out of character? 😮

I love how brave and determined Brook has become, he shows no fear even when facing down a Yonko. Make him shine, Oda! He needs it.

And Jinbei is finally back. His entrance literally gave me goosebumbs!Actually excited to see the conclusion of this arc, it’s about time all the Strawhats are reunited.

Perona, Absalom, Cindry, and Hogback as kids

D: So recently you’ve been doing a lot of drawings of characters as children, so I thought why not ask for one of child-Perona. So, pardon me, but would you be so kind as to draw Perona as a child? (Absalom, Cindry, and Hogback, too) P.N. Witch Princess Eustass Luna

O: Alrighty.(T.N.: Top left- Hogback, Top right- Absalom, Bottom left- Cindry, Bottom right- Perona)

Sanji is angry with Oda :D

*Chapter 850 Spoilers
This is how Oda-sensei wishes “Merry Christmas” to Sanji in the second-last chapter of this year XD
by minhquach94


Now we all know that Sabo’s memories didn’t return until after Ace’s death. The shock of seeing Ace’s dead body returned Sabo to his former self and brought him back into Luffy’s.Both Sabo and Ace were under the command of Legends. Dragon and Whitebeard are the top tier in terms of influence and we assume power for Dragon. Sabo clearly has had way better training than Ace though. Unlike Ace Sabo has haki and he’s a beast with it. The mera mera no mi seems to be in much more useful and talented hands. No offense to Ace though just stating facts. Only seconds after obtaining the fruits powers Sabo showed enough destructive force to destroy the ring of the coliseum. That wasn’t even the coolest thing he did that day it just barely made top 5!Now we’ve already had foreshadowing of Sabo being the blue dragon from both his fighting style. As well as this scene from the anime.After only having the fruits Power for little more than an hour Sabo used it to basically 1 shot a Vice Admiral. 1 shot a Yonko Commander get hit by a meteor and come out unscathed. Then go 1 on 1 with Admiral Fugitora.Upon leaving Dressrosa and returning to base he immediately started training. Now I call Sabo the blue dragon not because of just his clothing. His move set already has the word Dragon in it. He’s a far superior fighter than Ace, I believe he will take the mera mera no mi to the next level. Now maybe it’ll be an awakening maybe it won’t. I believe Sabo’s fire will be blue when he’s fully mastered his power.Why blue you ask? Thank you for that question, well ladies and gentlemen when fire is brought to a hotter temperature than what you usually see it turns blue. This is in some cases caused by a type of metal being burned with the fire. What is Armament Haki? It’s basically your skin turned into a metal like substance and what’s Sabo’s specialty? That’s right, Armament Haki something Ace didn’t have. Also Sabo’s pipe could be made from one of these substances.So the science fits the theory also. I don’t think Oda isn’t going to give us something new. Like it’s nice to still have Ace’s power around but this is a new character and deserves to be treated as such. This is the New World, logias aren’t considered invincible anymore. If Sabo comes face to face with Akainu and can’t surpass Ace’s heat he’ll just be burned next. Blue fire burns hotter than than normal flame, I believe it could be used to actually burn Akainu. Like how poetic would that be for Akainu to be burned by Ace’s power. That as well as Sabo’s Armament Haki being off the charts. The Red Dog would be in for a real serious fight when faced with the Blue Dragon.Obviously I think Luffy will get his chance against Akainu too but for arguments sake let’s say Luffy has to do something else important and Akainu’s in his way here comes Sabo like go ahead little brother I got this.
Lastly in closingWhen you look at Ace’s final attack against Blackbeard it’s as if it represented the sun. The sun is actually a star and the way stars are classified the hottest stars burn blue.*Theory by RomanceDawn