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One Piece [AMV] Zoro vs Dice [Full Fight] HD / The Pusher


Today, I will talk about an interesting subject in One Piece, the Vice-Admirals of the Navy.
More than a theory, it is a kind of try about the rankings of the VA characters, and a gap on this topic.

My point is, than, since Punk Hazard/Dressrosa, I’ve been very disappointed by the level of the VA showed.
– Vergo was the first VA since the New World started to show a good level, but he’s been beaten by Law, I see him a bit weaker than Zoro and a bit stronger than Sanji.
– Smoker was a threat in Logtown but stopped by Dragon, in Alabasta he is stopped by Ace. And in PH he showed things but he lost against Law, then Vergo, then smashed by Doflamingo, I see him as a Sanji’s level, he is a danger for Luffy but he will not make him use the Gear 4 for example. Luffy is now stronger than him and I wait for the moment when Smoker will be a real challenge.
– the VA Maynard was OS by Bartolomeo.
– the VA Bastille was OS by Sabo.

Only the Admirals now seems to be very dangerous.
However, among the Navy Vice-Admirals, I think some characters are very powerful and will be a challenge for Luffy-Zoro-Jinbe-Sanji before the Admirals. There is also a ranking inside the VA section.

These 5 guys who were present in Enies Lobby :
I think we can also add Stainless :701686-721d9fbc

These 6 Vice-Admirals showed few things, and I think we can guess their powers thank for their names (nicknames ?)
For example, Smoker has the Smoke-Smoke Fruit ; Akainu (“Red Dog”) is aggressive, loyal and uses lava, Kizaru (“Yellow Monkey”) is impish and uses light, etc (I know the Admirals also link with actors and Momotaro’s story but it’s not the subject).
And I think, this kind of “formula” works only for Marines, for example Crocodile doesn’t have the Zoan of the Crocodile.


Strawberry Anime Infobox

He’s the one who won against Fisher Tiger, so I think he’s pretty strong. He was in pair with Kizaru.
I don’t think he has any Devil Fruit linked to the strawberry fruit, IMO this names links with his sword which is pink.



“Yamakaji” means “Forest Fire”. “Yama” can be a mountain, a peak, and “Kaji” a wildfire. So, I imagine him having some techniques of blazing.



Among the Navy, we’ve seen Dalmatian who has the Zoan Fruit of the Inu Inu No Mi, version Dalmatian.
So, Doberman has possibly and simply the Zoan of the Doberman dog.



Onigumo already showed his Fruit which is a Zoan of a Spider. “Onigumo” means “Demon Spider”, so it proves of the other that they can have a name linked to their power.



“Momonga” means “Flying Squirrel”. He already showed his fighting style with Rokushiki, very agile. So it fits. And possibly he really has the Zoan of a Squirrel…



“Stainless” means what it means … So maybe he has a fruit linked to a dog without any stains. Or possibly this guy never cuts himself during the battles… “Stainless” also means something who resists the oxidation. Maybe he has so “steel” power or something like that…

Then, my second point is that I think more we are close to the G0 Navy HQ, more people will be strong.

We saw the G-5 with Vergo as a leader, Smoker as a VA (Unit 01 leader), Yarisugi as a Commodore (Unit 06 leader) and Tashigi as a captain, inside the Unit 01 of the G-5.
There is at least 6 units in a branch of a Marine Base.

I think that the G-5 is the 5th Branch of the Navy.
We saw the 153rd Branch of the Navy led by Morgan who was very weak. And the 16th Branch of the Navy led by Nezumi.

That means the same formula than Baroque Works and Vinsmoke Family. More we are close to the 0, more people are strong.
That means, that the Chiefs from the G-4 to the G-1 will be strongers than Vergo. So closer to the Admiral level.

Before the time-skip we saw the G-2 Base in Grand Line.
Led by the Vice-Admiral Comil :


But Since Akainu became Fleet-Admiral, the things changed inside the Navy. This Comil doesnt look like charismatic or strong (maybe he is), but I’m expecting the boss of the G-2 to be very strong.

Then, the G-1 switched it place with Marineford (Marineford seems to be G-0).
So the new Marineford is now in the New World, possibly the place where there will be the great battle against the Navy.
Former Marineford, new G-1.
Here was seen after the time-skip the VA Momonga.

We don’t know if he is the Boss of the G-1, maybe not.

I’m expecting to see stronger Marines during the Wano’s arc and possibly the VA I spoke about before.

In the Z movie, Zoro fights shortly against Momonga. But does he has this level yet ?


3rd part, if we see Navy during the Totland’s arc, I think it will be few.
Navy people are always going by groups of 2 or 3 known people :

Fujitora + Bastille + Maynard
Smoker + Tashigi
Garp + Sengoku + Tsuru (past)
Sengoku + Tsuru
Kizaru + Strawberry (past)
Comil + Kadar
Hina + Fullbody + Jango
Kobby + Helmeppo
Sentomaru + Pacifistas
Zephyr + Ain + Binz (not cannon)
Sengoku/Akainu + Brannew (Brannew always gives informations to the Fleet Admiral)

For me, finally the VA rank is divided in 3 parts :
– weaks : Bastille / Maynard
– middle : Smoker / Vergo
– strongs : Straberry / Momonga

So, I hope to see a real level from the VA of the Navy. I would like to see a fight between them and the top fighters of the Straw Hats Pirates. The SH need it before to fight Admirals.

Let’s not forget this picture (Vergo and Rosinante were foreshadowed here, maybe others from here will appear)
(Rosinante is between Zoro and Nami)

Thank you for reading.

Theory by Zero Zero No Mi

8 Reasons why Buggy is a real badass(or just the luckiest character in the series)

  • Buggy used to be a member of the legendary Roger Pirates, the crew of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.
  • He is the only man who was able to cut Luffy’s hat.
  • He had the most solid chance to kill Luffy.
  • He escaped from Impel Down unhurt.
  • He challenged one Yonko, Shanks, fearless.
  • He took the attacks of the greatest swordsman in the world Mihawk like those were nothing.
  • He avoid to be caught by the three Admirals.
  • He fought in one of the biggest wars in One Piece history and came out of it unhurt.

3 Types of Haki vs 3 Types of Devil Fruits?

So as we all know Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger has three skulls. A lot of people have speculated that it means he has three devil fruits. I completely agree with this. So just keep this in mind.

Again very common knowledge, there is three types of haki. There is Kenbunshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, Haoshoku Haki. Once again, keep that in mind.

The Theory
Blackbeard is fated to fight Shanks. We all know that. Shanks most likely has all three types of Haki. Blackbeard most likely has all three diffirent types of devil fruits.
So what if Blackbeard gets NO haki.

3 Types of Haki vs 3 Types of Devil Fruits. Wouldn’t that make sense?

*Theory by Diamon D. Jozu

Luffy’s Awakened Form – Fanart

This Luffy would be able to manipulate qualities of rubber, such as:

  • tear resistance
  • elasticity
  • stretchiness
  • electric resistance
  • density