• “Kuro” can be written in kanji as 黒, meaning “Black”. “Kuro” is also a way of saying “claw” in Japanese.
  • When he was in his butler attire, there were strange symbols on his jacket. Oda explained that these symbols are poop, to signify that he is lying. Although the answer may have been a joke (as Oda is known to give joke answers to questions he cannot seriously answer), this directly resembles the American slang terms “bullshit” and “full of shit”, which are used as synonymous with lying and liars, respectively.
  • In an early SBS in the manga, Oda stated that Captain Kuro was the second most intelligent character shown in the East Blue Saga, being inferior only to Benn Beckman of the Red-Haired Pirates (and that Nami was the third most intelligent).
  • Due to being thought of as dead and the events surrounding him largely unwitnessed outside of those involved, Kuro was not considered when the Marines gave Luffy his first bounty.
  • In the 4th Japanese Fan Poll, Kuro is ranked the 29th most popular character in One Piece.

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