The possibility for Mihawk to have his own crew – Theory

Okay so we’ve all known and loved Mihawk since the east blue days all the way back in chapter 50. Everytime we see Mihawk he’s been alone except when he didn’t have a choice *cough*Perona*cough*. The man doesn’t seem to like company he enjoyed his alone time. Until right before the time-skip however this has seemed to change. It started with him taking our beloved Roronoa Zoro as his student.

Mihawk taking Zoro as a student seems like a major turning point for Mihawk. It was not only a major development for Zoro but for Mihawk as well. In that brief moment Mihawk went from Lone Wolf to Teacher. His entire lifestyle was changed by Zoro I believe this also has led to a big personality change. No more lone wolf mentality well still a little bit of that lone wolf badassery but it’s changed.

There was one other uninvited guest at Mihawk’s castle the pink haired beauty Perona. She is actually one of the catalyst for this theory. Perona is by far one of the most annoying characters in One Piece. Yet as annoying as she is Mihawk has formed a bond with her. Even after Zoro has left Perona still lives with Mihawk.

I mentioned earlier that Mihawk had a personality change. There is proof of this in the above picture with Mihawk Perona & the humandrills. Notice the humandrills looking so happy in the background as well as helping till the land? Mihawk lived in the castle for years and never did anything with the land and the humandrills feared him. Now they’re friendly and Mihawk is farming the land that is clearly a major change in character and personality. But where does this fit into Mihawk having a crew now? Let’s discuss!

Now Perona was broken up about the news paper saying Moria died at Marine Ford. Mihawk was there and told her the news wasn’t trustworthy giving her hope that Moria is alive. Perona is annoying and persistent so I can totally see her begging Mihawk until he helps to find Moria. We all know he didn’t die at Marine Ford and Mingo didn’t succeed in killing him after.

Oda actually mentioned Absalom in a SBS when talking about Moria’s encounter with Mingo. So we can safely assume Moria disappeared thanks to Absalom’s power.

So my theory is that Perona will beg Mihawk into helping her find Moria. Moria is already with the rest of his crew but Perona being a big baby she will beg Mihawk to stay and tag along. A lot of people believe Mihawk is the strongest Shichibukai and could have reached Yonko level if he only had a crew. I believe Moria’s crew will be his new underlings.

When we think about Oda and the crews he’s made over the years we all notice Oda LOVES THEMES. Moria and his crew have an undead theme as we all know. Mihawk is named and modeled after the King of the undead himself the Vampire Dracula. He travels with a coffin lives in a dark evil looking mansion and his land is covered in death. Moria and Dracule have literally the same exact aesthetic and style. Moria himself looks like an actual vampire if anyone was to be under Mihawk no ones more fitting than Moria and company.

I know that Moria is hot headed and probably wouldn’t want to be under anyone. But Mihawk is different he’s a man that demands respect from all who meet him. Moria is still probably in danger from the government and his best bet would be to join Mihawk for his own goals and safety.

So in summary I believe Mihawk’s time with Zoro and Perona changed him. I think he is someone who’s more likely to be into the idea of having a crew now. Perona’ scare for Moria will lead her and Mihawk to finding and joining him. Mihawk does not take orders though he gives them so they will become his subordinates. This would be a great way to get Mihawk into the New World and back into the story. They all fit together so well stylistically as a crew already.


*Theory by RomanceDawn

Next Level of Conqueror’s Haki

So far in the story we have seen Conqueror’s Haki used as a means to take out Fodder & weak opponents. It’s basically a psychic shock wave using ones spirit or will power. Though it’s a cool and rare power that ability doesn’t have any use against a real threat. However we do know that it can cause physical damage if strong enough. Thanks to Shanks’ moment on the Moby Dick.

I think the next logical step is channeling it into a body part like a fist instead of the eyes. Basically using Conqueror’s Haki as a physical attack. I actually think it’s already been done in the story.

I believe King Elizabello used this new form of Conqueror’s Haki. I believe his King Punch is exactly what it’s name says a KING PUNCH! It’s not confirmed he has Conqueror’s Haki but there’s so connections I’ve made that may prove he does.

In this Panel we see the shockwaves made by Elizabello’s punch.

The SAME EXACT shockwaves emanated from Luffy and Doflamingo’s Conqueror’s Haki clash.

Luffy and Don Chinjou also had the shockwaves in their clash.

Now we know that people who develop Conqueror’s Haki are few. The people who develop it are those who have strong spirits and the quality of kings. It’s a certain drive that these people are born with that manifests itself in the color of the king. Elizabello is actually a king which adds more evidence to the idea of him having Conqueror’s Haki.

So now that we’re done with all that set up let’s talk this theory. Now I know Elizabello’s attack though monstrously powerful it took forever to charge up. I don’t think Elizabello has haki as strong as Luffy though and that maybe why he has to charge for so long. Someone stronger and more well trained could use this move faster. Also a smaller more focused blast would probably need way less time as well.

Conqueror’s Haki is already used in single combat in the story like with Luffy and Doffy. This would be taking it to the next level and giving it an even cooler use. That’s it for my theory though hope you enjoyed.

*Theory by RomanceDawn


What we know about haki right now is literally just the basics. Basics of Observation Armament and Conquerors. As we go along we learn a little more about it. I think there’s going to be a next step in haki involving elements. I’d say there’s been foreshadowing but really that’d be underselling it this is rock solid evidence. Allow me to give examples of Elemental control seen in the story.

Luffy’s red hawk

There’s Sabo’s Dragon Fist Breath.

The New World pirate Mcguy.

Brook’s ice attacks

So basically we’ve seen multiple characters use elements in their attacks. Sabo who had no devilfruit seemingly used the force of his haki or wind to destroy the coliseum ring. The move ended with the word “Breath” tho which makes me think Sabo created wind.

Luffy’s Red Hawk is my biggest example for this theory. With just the addition of haki he was able to use fire literally out of no where and it’s clearly not from just the Armament because if so Luffy would always be on fire when his Armament is up. I believe fighters can master a form of nature with haki. Different fighters have different elements that are a representation of that persons spirit or personality. Then you “will” that element into existence because that’s all haki is will power or your spirits power same thing. Luffy made fire under water so he clearly willed that flame into existence.

We’ve seen Mcguy use lightning and we know he doesn’t have the lightning devilfruit I guess he could be half Mink lol. Luffy’s fire,Sanji’s fire, Sabo’s wind and even Zoro used fire against Ryuma. So there’s loads of people in the story using Elemental powers with no explanation like at all.

This being a next step in haki would answer so many questions. As well as add new ones like what determines your element? I believe Sabo’s may have became wind because of Dragon. Possibly Dragon trained him to use wind with his haki. The 2nd question would be can you learn more than 1 element.

What’s even weirder about this element theory is that the monster trio all have fire as their current element. Maybe people with similar spirits have an affinity towards the same element. Maybe being around people with the same element just has it rub off on you who knows? Well Oda knows but he’s stingy with sharing info. Maybe you can have more than one element too but we’ll have to see about that.

This being the next step in haki would answer a lot of questions. It’d allow us to know about how these attacks work. As well as give us more powers to look forward to seeing the SHs master.

*Theory by RomanceDawn


Today, I will talk about an interesting subject in One Piece, the Vice-Admirals of the Navy.
More than a theory, it is a kind of try about the rankings of the VA characters, and a gap on this topic.

My point is, than, since Punk Hazard/Dressrosa, I’ve been very disappointed by the level of the VA showed.
– Vergo was the first VA since the New World started to show a good level, but he’s been beaten by Law, I see him a bit weaker than Zoro and a bit stronger than Sanji.
– Smoker was a threat in Logtown but stopped by Dragon, in Alabasta he is stopped by Ace. And in PH he showed things but he lost against Law, then Vergo, then smashed by Doflamingo, I see him as a Sanji’s level, he is a danger for Luffy but he will not make him use the Gear 4 for example. Luffy is now stronger than him and I wait for the moment when Smoker will be a real challenge.
– the VA Maynard was OS by Bartolomeo.
– the VA Bastille was OS by Sabo.

Only the Admirals now seems to be very dangerous.
However, among the Navy Vice-Admirals, I think some characters are very powerful and will be a challenge for Luffy-Zoro-Jinbe-Sanji before the Admirals. There is also a ranking inside the VA section.

These 5 guys who were present in Enies Lobby :
I think we can also add Stainless :701686-721d9fbc

These 6 Vice-Admirals showed few things, and I think we can guess their powers thank for their names (nicknames ?)
For example, Smoker has the Smoke-Smoke Fruit ; Akainu (“Red Dog”) is aggressive, loyal and uses lava, Kizaru (“Yellow Monkey”) is impish and uses light, etc (I know the Admirals also link with actors and Momotaro’s story but it’s not the subject).
And I think, this kind of “formula” works only for Marines, for example Crocodile doesn’t have the Zoan of the Crocodile.


Strawberry Anime Infobox

He’s the one who won against Fisher Tiger, so I think he’s pretty strong. He was in pair with Kizaru.
I don’t think he has any Devil Fruit linked to the strawberry fruit, IMO this names links with his sword which is pink.



“Yamakaji” means “Forest Fire”. “Yama” can be a mountain, a peak, and “Kaji” a wildfire. So, I imagine him having some techniques of blazing.



Among the Navy, we’ve seen Dalmatian who has the Zoan Fruit of the Inu Inu No Mi, version Dalmatian.
So, Doberman has possibly and simply the Zoan of the Doberman dog.



Onigumo already showed his Fruit which is a Zoan of a Spider. “Onigumo” means “Demon Spider”, so it proves of the other that they can have a name linked to their power.



“Momonga” means “Flying Squirrel”. He already showed his fighting style with Rokushiki, very agile. So it fits. And possibly he really has the Zoan of a Squirrel…



“Stainless” means what it means … So maybe he has a fruit linked to a dog without any stains. Or possibly this guy never cuts himself during the battles… “Stainless” also means something who resists the oxidation. Maybe he has so “steel” power or something like that…

Then, my second point is that I think more we are close to the G0 Navy HQ, more people will be strong.

We saw the G-5 with Vergo as a leader, Smoker as a VA (Unit 01 leader), Yarisugi as a Commodore (Unit 06 leader) and Tashigi as a captain, inside the Unit 01 of the G-5.
There is at least 6 units in a branch of a Marine Base.

I think that the G-5 is the 5th Branch of the Navy.
We saw the 153rd Branch of the Navy led by Morgan who was very weak. And the 16th Branch of the Navy led by Nezumi.

That means the same formula than Baroque Works and Vinsmoke Family. More we are close to the 0, more people are strong.
That means, that the Chiefs from the G-4 to the G-1 will be strongers than Vergo. So closer to the Admiral level.

Before the time-skip we saw the G-2 Base in Grand Line.
Led by the Vice-Admiral Comil :


But Since Akainu became Fleet-Admiral, the things changed inside the Navy. This Comil doesnt look like charismatic or strong (maybe he is), but I’m expecting the boss of the G-2 to be very strong.

Then, the G-1 switched it place with Marineford (Marineford seems to be G-0).
So the new Marineford is now in the New World, possibly the place where there will be the great battle against the Navy.
Former Marineford, new G-1.
Here was seen after the time-skip the VA Momonga.

We don’t know if he is the Boss of the G-1, maybe not.

I’m expecting to see stronger Marines during the Wano’s arc and possibly the VA I spoke about before.

In the Z movie, Zoro fights shortly against Momonga. But does he has this level yet ?


3rd part, if we see Navy during the Totland’s arc, I think it will be few.
Navy people are always going by groups of 2 or 3 known people :

Fujitora + Bastille + Maynard
Smoker + Tashigi
Garp + Sengoku + Tsuru (past)
Sengoku + Tsuru
Kizaru + Strawberry (past)
Comil + Kadar
Hina + Fullbody + Jango
Kobby + Helmeppo
Sentomaru + Pacifistas
Zephyr + Ain + Binz (not cannon)
Sengoku/Akainu + Brannew (Brannew always gives informations to the Fleet Admiral)

For me, finally the VA rank is divided in 3 parts :
– weaks : Bastille / Maynard
– middle : Smoker / Vergo
– strongs : Straberry / Momonga

So, I hope to see a real level from the VA of the Navy. I would like to see a fight between them and the top fighters of the Straw Hats Pirates. The SH need it before to fight Admirals.

Let’s not forget this picture (Vergo and Rosinante were foreshadowed here, maybe others from here will appear)
(Rosinante is between Zoro and Nami)

Thank you for reading.

Theory by Zero Zero No Mi

3 Types of Haki vs 3 Types of Devil Fruits?

So as we all know Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger has three skulls. A lot of people have speculated that it means he has three devil fruits. I completely agree with this. So just keep this in mind.

Again very common knowledge, there is three types of haki. There is Kenbunshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, Haoshoku Haki. Once again, keep that in mind.

The Theory
Blackbeard is fated to fight Shanks. We all know that. Shanks most likely has all three types of Haki. Blackbeard most likely has all three diffirent types of devil fruits.
So what if Blackbeard gets NO haki.

3 Types of Haki vs 3 Types of Devil Fruits. Wouldn’t that make sense?

*Theory by Diamon D. Jozu





This is X Drake as a child. Notice how happy he is about the marines



This is X Drake after MF. Notice how Oda puts emphasis on “Must Change”. Drake says the marines must change as if he wants to change it.

There are 2 ways to change the marines

1) From the inside
2)Revolting from the outside

Being a pirate is no way to successully change the marines. Look at Kuma for example he became a pirate to join the warlords and help the Revolutionary Army not just for the sake of being a pirate

Sir Francis Drake


This guy’s nickname was ” The Dragon” he is the inspiration for Drake

His Epithet Red Flag Drake


Revolutionary Army Flag




By his reaction to the pacifists its seems he had interaction with Vegapunk when the Pacifista program started



X Drake was on an island where a revolutionary leader was. Coincidence maybe? But with Oda you never know..

Alot of people would shoot this theory down and just think Drake is a Zoan and was on Kaido’s island looking for him. So he must be working for Kaido right? Well I agree but my point isn’t that he is not working for Kaido it’s “WHY?”

In Dragon words he has revoutionaries scatted all across the globe. The Revolutionaries seem to be infiltrating spies in key places in the world and building an information network

Kuma: Warlord
Ivankov: Impel Down


What if Dragon is infaltrating Emperors as well?

Think of it as a chess board. We know Yonkos greatly affect how the World Government moves. If does something it causes a reaction from the WG. So what if Dragon has with the Yonko ranks so he can know the Yonko moves and if he knows the Yonko moves he can predict the WG moves more easily and look for his openings to strike.

Thanks for reading

*Theory by luckyroo20