8 Things You Should Know About Sengoku

Sengoku is the first Mythical Zoan user to appear in the series, though he was not revealed to be one until 337 chapters after his debut.

As a child Sengoku had his trademark afro and he was seen wearing a karate uniform with a black belt tied on his waist.

In his youth he also did not cover his afro and he lacked his beard.

During the two year timeskip, Sengoku aged with his hair turning gray. His former uniform is now replaced with a more casual wear during his retirement. He is wearing a dark blue shirt with red and green zig-zag patterns, orange tie with white marine shorts, and a Marine coat.

Sengoku has a pet goat. The goat is often with Sengoku, including in a Marine base when Saul was ordered to attack Ohara, at the meeting in Mariejois, on the execution platform when Ace’s parentage is revealed, and during the aftermath of the war. After the timeskip, the goat is on the Marine ship leaving Dressrosa.

When Sengoku and Tsuru were mentioned by Bartolomeo, they were shown in the latter’s imagination, hardly resembling their real appearance at all.

“Sengoku” can be written in kanji as 戦国, meaning “warring states”, a term borrowed from ancient Chinese to represent a period of history in Japan known as the “Sengoku Period“, which was recorded to have had near constant military conflict with extensive use of naval forces.

Sengoku shares his birthday, May 9th, with Kong.

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