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Could Urouge have a debt to pay to Luffy?

The theory I present is going to be largely based off a theory presented in the past, but with a few nuances. So let’s begin.

The premise of this past theory was that Urouge hails from the natives of the island called Birka. The Birka are one of the three peoples from sky islands known to us.

The theory went on to claim that Enel and his followers come from Birka as well. This idea is backed with the similarity of the wings between Urouge and Enel’s priests and Urouge’s attire to Divine Soldiers.

Now, it is time to bring up the fate of Enel’s native island. It is noted that a force resisted Enel’s destruction of the island, but they were defeated.

This presents two possibilities: either Urouge was the one who directly fought Enel or he led a group of monks who escaped the island’s destruction. There’s evidence for both perspectives in the theory, but personally, I know monks are supposed to be peaceful, secluded people, so I doubt Urouge had any real strength before Enel’s reign of terror. The terms “Mad Monk” and “Fallen Monk Pirates” make me think that the events drove Urouge crazy with grief. However, the term “Mad” is not to say Urouge is insane, but rather he and his crew are monks who have “Fallen” from grace. By that, I mean these monks resorted to a life of piracy, abandoning their original peaceful lives, to accrue strength in order to seek revenge against Enel. Quite literally, Urouge is “Mad” at Enel. They were helpless bystanders before to the destruction of their homes, so now they hold a grudge.

Here’s just a sweet little piece of evidence provided by the theory to support Urouge’s anger at Enel. Upon reaching a New World island, Urouge and his crew could not dock because the island was plagued with lighting. As One Piece Wiki so graciously states, Urouge rarely isn’t smiling. This moment and when Kaido jumped from the sky island were the only two instances when he wasn’t. It may be stretching a bit, but it’s an interesting coincidence.

I feel like Urouge’s devil fruit in itself is a metaphor for his conflict with Enel. All the pain he’s taken before can be converted into physical strength. Similarly, the pain of past memories has only made Urouge stronger now. Based on numbers, he is at the very top in regards to strength amongst the Supernovas. Beating a Sweet Commander is a feat only Luffy has matched.

With a decent understanding of Urouge’s past, we can make a trajectory for his future. I doubt that Urouge desires the glory that comes with finding the One Piece. He is still a monk, so I think his more passive characteristics still apply. He probably still values a very simple life. If it wasn’t for Enel, I doubt Urouge would even be a pirate right now. On the spectrum of joining up with a Yonko-level pirate or allying against them, I’d say Urouge leans more towards supporting a Yonko. But Romance you say, why would Urouge attack Big Mom then? Let me answer that question with a question. Who were the allies that supported Urouge in that fight? You can’t think of any because there’s not enough evidence to say there were any. If Urouge was allied with someone, wouldn’t they be credited with taking down a sweet commander too? To me, that fight was more of a heat check than anything. Urouge happened to reach Big Mom’s territory and whether he was forced to fight or not, he wanted to test his strength. Based on him being a monk, I’m guessing that Urouge prefers to fly solo when it comes to other pirates. He’s only interested in becoming the strongest individually for a very specific purpose, so the need for allies seems irrelevant. It would take a pirate that Urouge admires greatly to persuade him to leave his secluded lifestyle. Enter Luffy.

Who’s the source of Urouge’s ambition? Enel. What’s the reason why Urouge became a pirate? To beat Enel. However, now someone else has taken care of Enel for Urouge. You know who it is, that handsome devil, ya boy and mine, Luffy. Urouge presumably doesn’t know about that victory yet, but he is currently taking a breather on a sky island. Perhaps he is taking that breather because he plans on attacking Enel soon. He has a sweet commander, the highest subordinate of one of the strongest pirates, on his resume, so maybe it’s time to pay Enel a visit. When he arrives in Skypiea, he will learn what happened with Luffy pre-timeskip. Then, Urouge would have the debt to Luffy that so many share, such as Law and dozens of other characters. This lines up well with my previous statement about supporting a Yonko-level pirate. Any meeting with Luffy for Urouge would probably come after or during Wano, when Luffy will theoretically be on the same level as the Yonko. Here is Urouge’s man to support.

Besides being one of the strongest in Luffy’s fleet right off the back, Urouge serves a very important purpose. He can be Luffy’s messenger to the sky islands. That would mean Luffy now has the confirmed support of the Skypieans and Shandorians as well whenever he needs it.

After the story ends and all the battles have been fought, Urouge can simply return to his nomadic lifestyle. Perhaps he could even lead the settlement of a new Birka.

There you have it guys. This is the role I think Urouge will play in the rest of One Piece. Credit to the people who crafted the backstory of Urouge through intricate research because it made my job a whole lot easier. Thanks so much and have a great day!!!

*Theory by RomanceDawn


  • “Kuro” can be written in kanji as 黒, meaning “Black”. “Kuro” is also a way of saying “claw” in Japanese.
  • When he was in his butler attire, there were strange symbols on his jacket. Oda explained that these symbols are poop, to signify that he is lying. Although the answer may have been a joke (as Oda is known to give joke answers to questions he cannot seriously answer), this directly resembles the American slang terms “bullshit” and “full of shit”, which are used as synonymous with lying and liars, respectively.
  • In an early SBS in the manga, Oda stated that Captain Kuro was the second most intelligent character shown in the East Blue Saga, being inferior only to Benn Beckman of the Red-Haired Pirates (and that Nami was the third most intelligent).
  • Due to being thought of as dead and the events surrounding him largely unwitnessed outside of those involved, Kuro was not considered when the Marines gave Luffy his first bounty.
  • In the 4th Japanese Fan Poll, Kuro is ranked the 29th most popular character in One Piece.