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Did You Know?

Usopp can be seen in the corner of Luffy’s former wanted poster and Zoro’s former wanted poster. In Luffy’s he is simply viewed from behind. In Zoro’s his silhouette is faintly seen through the smoke in the background of the poster doing his Crocodile impersonation. However, in the anime, the latter was cut out of Zoro’s poster most likely due to the fact that it is not easily visible and was thus overlooked. It was later corrected in Episode 152 but omitted again in the second bounty poster.


I’ve been thinking about the role of conqueror’s haki for a while and its usefulness for the future. As we all know, right now it is used to dominate/intimidate the willpower of opponents around the user. Typically this does not affect strong willed opponents, so its uses in the New World seem limited.My Theory: What if conqueror’s haki can be used on your allies to increase their willpower, or even their haki?

I feel like this has great relevance to the role of conqueror’s haki in the New World, and it follows a progression of what we know about conqueror’s haki from the past.

  1. First and foremost, the literal translation is “Haki of the Color of the Conquering King” and what can be greater for king than to “inspire” your allies or followers​
  2. We know it was important for Luffy to learn to control who Conqueror’s haki affects, which would allow Luffy or any other person with this Haki to control who receives the affect of this Haki​
  3. Luffy is slowly building an army that will take on the Yonko/World government and who knows how many other threats. How will his smaller army fare against such great threats? Maybe this will help even out the odds, and is why the world government and most other pirates fear a conqueror’s haki user​
  4. We have only seen one aspect of Conqueror’s Haki, but this could probably be due to pirates only conceiving of using it of one way; to intimidate their opponents. Maybe Luffy can be one of the few (probably other thank Shanks) to use King’s Haki this way.​
  5. It’s not something he could have learned on an island by himself for two years, so this allows for growth of this specific haki throughout the New World​

*Theory by Arthur Dayne

Luffy inside an eye

D: Odacchi, greetings! I’ve been harboring some doubts lately. In Chapter 277 of Volume 30, when Luffy is trying to escape from the giant anaconda, he opens up the snake’s eyelids, but how can he do that when he’s inside the eye? Please ask Luffy how he did that!!

O: Yeah I know, that didn’t make any sense. Luffy! Come here!!

Luffy: What? What’s the problem? There’s nothing wrong about this.

O: Yes there is! How do you raise the eyelid from inside the eyeball? And while we’re on that subject, how can you be INSIDE the eyeball in the first place?!

Luffy: It’s all right, don’t worry about it. Wasn’t it funny?

O: Yeah, I guess it was! That’s the key.

Luffy: Yep yep, ahahaha.

O: Ahahahahaha…