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Have you ever noticed?

In Episode 461, when Ace meets Shanks, it can be seen that Shanks still has both arms, even though he lost his left arm to the Lord of the Coast. This however, appears to be an error. Although this is corrected in the home release of the episode.


So some thinks that there’s some good in Pudding, she looked up to Lola, and maybe she wants to be free of Big Mom’s control same as her sister, but I’m not thinking in that direction, I don’t think that there’s a bit of goodness in Pudding.

So I’m going to tell you a little speculated story of how those flashbacks connect to the truth of evil Pudding.

Pudding hates Lola and she was responsible of destroying Mama’s dream.

Lola’s marriage was going to make Big Mom the pirate king, but why Big Mom chose Lola to be the daughter to give her that title. That’s such a huge honor, isn’t it? The answer is simple Lola was Big Mom’s favorite.

The little Pudding envied Lola and wanted to be in her place, that’s why she was so proudly telling Reiju that she’s Big Mom’s favorite.

Note that VIZ translations shows that pudding says “she’s mama’s favorite” not “one of mama’s favorite”.
Little Pudding convinced Lola to run away, probably manipulated Lola’s memories, making Lola refuse the wedding, and thinking that Mama will forgive her as if she doesn’t know Mama.
And exactly that Lola forgot the true face of Big Mom.

But when everything was going smooth for Pudding, Nami came. And when the maid told Pudding that Nami is Lola’s friend, Pudding knew that BM will make Nami says Lola’s location and what she did will be reveled, which will make Big Mom come for her head.


So Pudding went out of the plan made by BM and told Luffy and Nami those words.
She wanted to motivate Luffy and Nami to escape, so she will never be exposed, and that’s why she whispered, because Opera knows that Pudding isn’t supposed to say that.

And that will make Pudding vs Nami more destined to happen.

Ok this part I don’t favor it but it goes well with my speculation.

Pudding wasn’t sure that Luffy and Nami are capable of escaping on their own. So she needed form someone to help them.

Ok no it’s not Jinbei but Sanji.

So Pudding went and shot Reiju, waited for Sanji to come, so he will know that Big Mom doesn’t intend to keep her promise.

Knowing that Sanji is out of choices, If he told his family, they won’t believe him, thinking that he only wants to stop the wedding, and Sanji can’t escape Whole Cake Island. So he will sure go help his nakamas.

Well, Oda will sure tell us Lola’s wedding’s flashback, to that time what you think of my speculation?

*by Zainab