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What do you think?


First of all, we all know D. are the natural enemy of the gods, so whose are natural enemies of the gods for real? The Titans. And the titans are known for destroying everything in their path.

Trafalgar D. Water Law[​IMG] [​IMG]Law : ”I want to destroy it all.”

This is what little Law says, he was born for destruction.

The first time we’ve heard Marshall D. Teach[​IMG]”With overwhelming strength, they destroyed our entire country in the blink of an eye.”

Let’s look at Monkey D. Garp[​IMG]Tsuru : ”You always destroy the ships.”

And later, a prophet claims that Luffy will destroy the Fishman Island

”Fishman Island will be destroyed!!!”

He was trying to destroy Noah, and he destroyed half of it


”Noah’s been destroyed !!”


Luffy : ”If I don’t destroy it, the island will…!!”

”Arlong Park is destroyed !!”

Teach was trying to destroy the Marineford island[​IMG]Sengoku : ”The ”Justice” known as morality will not be destroyed !!”

[​IMG]Marine Officer : ”Dressrosa has been thoroughly destroyed !!” 
[​IMG]”Blackbeard Pirates already destroyed the place,”

Gol D. Roger
Garp : ”One time he destroyed the entire army of a nation…”

I don’t know, but it looks like ”Destroyer” is a very suitable name for them.*Theory by Erkan12